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Rosary Sunday Pilgrimage at Martyrs' Shrine Midland

The Council contracted a bus for the 34th Rosary Sunday pilgrimage which brought 40 parishioners, Council members and family to Martyrs’ Shrine, Midland, ON. The bus trip started with a short prayer and some refreshments of ham and egg sandwiches, samosas, oranges and/or apples. On route, the pilgrims recited the rosary, played trivia games and watched a video on Fr. Calloway on the Rosary.  The celebrations in Martyrs’ Shrine began with an outdoor mass presided by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of Salt & Light Media.  Fr. Rosica’s homily centered on the Gospel of Mark which referred to the healing of the deaf and mute with Jesus saying “Ephphatha,” which means, “be opened.” The account stresses not only the physical healing of being open to sound and speech but more importantly the interior healing of being open to all peoples of society, especially the marginalized. The KofC provides members with numerous opportunities to serve the marginalized and put into action the Gospel teachings, unfortunately only a handful members take advantage of these opportunities. After the outdoor mass, the living rosary followed with participants both young and old from all over the region recited the rosary in their own language.  At this time, Fr. Rosica had a special homily for the young participants to continue the good works that has been started in them and make haste by acting immediately as Mary took haste to help her kinfolk Elizabeth who was pregnant with St. John the Baptist despite her being past the childbearing age.  The 4th degree members of the Council participated in the honour guard during the mass, the living rosary and the human cross. The pilgrimage was not only all pious in nature, there was also an occasion for socializing during the pot luck lunch, wherein food flowed very much like the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and all had their fill with a lot more leftover.  The bus ride back to Toronto took two hours with sessions of a short prayer, listening to Dr. Scott Hahn on his talk on the similarities and differences of the Christian and Islam religions, partaking of snacks and the awarding of the winners of the 50:50 draw and the trivia games.

Honor Guard for Deacon Tab Charbonneau

Upon arrival of the pilgrims from Martyrs’ Shrine, the 4th degree members of the Council and their families headed to Ogden Funeral Home to pay their last respects and perform honor guard duties for Deacon Tab Charbonneau who passed away last September 4, 2018. Deacon Tab was one of the founding members of the Council and is also a 4th degree knight. A total of eleven Sir Knights took turn to perform the honor guard. The homage was completed by a memorial service and the presentation of the resolution of condolence to Mrs. Mary Charbonneau, widow of Deacon Tab. 

​Marylake Pilgrimage

​The Council organized and held a picnic and the recitation of the rosary at Marylake Rosary Path last August 25, 2018.  Coincidentally, the Marylake community dedicated and blessed the Way of the Cross on the same day.  The plans of the Council were redirected with this celebration and Council members and their family attended the mass presided by Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick while SKs of the Council participated in the honour guard. Although the weather was uncooperative, it did not deter the celebrations, the outdoor mass and the blessing were carried out as planned.  After the mass members of the Council, spouses and guests, recited the rosary despite the inclement weather. A pit stop was made on the bench the Council donated.  For members who will visit the Marylake Rosary path, the bench of the Council is on the 16th bead or at the start of the second mystery of the rosary.   

St. Bartholomew Parish Picnic

St. Bartholomew Parish Picnic August 18, 2018 The Council extended a helping hand to the parish during the St. Bartholomew picnic which was held last August 18, 2018 at the grass area on the north side of the church.  The picnic was attended by about 200 parishioners supporting the activity. The Council was assigned with the set-up of the picnic area, clean up and the grilling of the hamburgers.  As in the past, the Council pitched the tent for added shade to picnic goers.  The CWL prepared all the garnishes, corn, desserts and other food items served during the event and handled also the games played by the young ones and the young at heart. The weather cooperated during the picnic and parishioners enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation, food and camaraderie. Congratulations to Fr. Fred Foley and Bill and Carol Whittaker, Pastoral Assistant, for holding this annual community..